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Roof Repair

Have a leaky roof? Need to replace broken shingles? Want a roof that's the talk of the town? Whatever your needs, you can count on Accent Carpentry to fix up your roof into exceptional shape.

Roof Repair

With 35 years of experience, we'll make sure your home improvement job is done right, whether it's a bath remodel or a roof replacement.

With 35 Years of Experience, We've Done It All

Roof Repair

Get a Roof Repairman with Commercial and Residential Expertise

With experience in both residential and commercial jobsites, we bring the best of both worlds to to you, the client, giving you the highest quality end service possible.

Roof Repair

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Roof Repair
Roof Repair

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Roof Repairman with Experience

When your roof is damaged, call the experts to get it fixed quickly and properly. No matter how big or small your issue is, Accent Carpentry will take care of your roof repair needs. We are a reputable, licensed general contractor. We will ensure that each phase of the repair is completed to local Building Code Compliance specifications. Our owner, Lawrence Kenny Jr., has over 35 years of experience in taking care of roof issues similar to your own. We have the equipment and knowledge necessary to make your roof like new. If you are unsure if your roof needs repairs, there are several warning signs that will appear if your roof is damaged. When there are holes in your roof, the holes will allow rain in, which can lead to a leak into your home. When rain is absent, if you see sunlight streaming into your attic through the roof, then there is a strong possibility your roof has holes. There may be holes that you cannot find. If that is the case, you should be on the lookout for an increase in moisture in your home. An increase in moisture can lead to paint or wallpaper staining. An increase in your energy bill can also be a sign that your roof requires repairs. A damaged roof is less able to insulate your home. If you are worried about your roof’s shingles, see if any shingles are visibly missing or if your gutters have something that looks like black sand. Decaying shingles release the sand-like substance.

Local, Reliable, and Trustworthy General Contractor Licensed and Insured

When considering undertaking a complete transformation in a home remodeling project, it is only prudent to insure that you enlist the services of a licensed general contractor for the various areas requiring work. 

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling, is the perfect general contractor to work with you on your house and condo remodeling project. Big on communication, this top notch professional house and condo remodeling general contractor not only discusses your plans exhaustively.

At Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling, you are provided with the services of a draftsperson  during the Free Consultation.. This draftsperson is there to translate and interpret your creative ideas into actual pre renderings, enabling you to visually perceive the design elements that you plan to implement in your house and condo remodeling, before any finite steps are taken.

Commerical and Residential Flexibility for Any Project

As a licensed general contractor, I will coordinate the services of many sub-contractors, for the completion of your individual home remodeling jobs. Whether you are considering a complete home remodeling, condo remodeling or a commercial general contractor remodeling project, requiring the creative services of a local, licensed general contractor, contact Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling.

Our Design and Remodeling team will enable you to see pre-renderings of additional suggestions that they may lend to your house and condo remodeling project. This may include highly creative details that enhance the design elements of your house and condo remodeling, such as adding half walls to assist in the creation of the illusion of expansion, new skylights, cathedral ceilings, granite, marble, tile work and trim work, such as moldings or sockets.

With new technology, our professionals will make pre-renderings with proposed house and condo remodeling changes . This way, the house and condo remodeling that Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling from your general contractor will provide, can be seen on the virtual program reviewing the projected outcome of the implementation of your creative design ideas!

Your house and condo remodeling project will proceed flawlessly, with Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling owner Lawrence Kenney, a licensed general contractor supervising every detail to insure the successful completion of your house and condo remodeling projects. Ensuring client satisfaction in all house and condo remodeling work is their guarantee!

A General Contractor Skilled in a Variety of Disciplines

“Not just a carpenter..." The unique use of creativity in home remodeling projects, at Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling, we make strong reference to elements and trends incorporating interior design techniques. 

Fully Licensed and insured General Contractor

(License numbers FL- CBC1254115 and MA-CS071608)


With your intended kitchen remodeling project, you'll want to have the security of a commercial contractor to oversee your large scale kitchen remodeling work. Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling pulls required permits for all phases of your  work, and guarantee to work with you until all specs are completely ready to pass inspection.

Decks offer a unique opportunity to increase the living space of your home, as the open area design allow expansion without shouldering large costs that a complete room addition entails. When Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling undertakes your contractor assignment, you are guaranteed to enlist the services of only fully State Licensed, Bonded and Insured general contractors.

Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling owner, Lawrence Kenney, has extensive contractor project references.


Sunrooms and atriums are amongst the delightful design services that home remodeling clients seek to have created to enhance their property's aesthetic value. Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling, under the director of owner, Lawrence Kenney, has an exceptionally well developed eye for the creative elements, that transform a simple home remodeling improvement, into a stunning state-of-the-art, design renovation to capture the delight of family and guests.

Gazebos and other garden architectural elements can be incorporated into your home remodeling makeover.  Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling offers a large option of technological advances, in home remodeling. These services are direct from Accent Carpentry Design Remodeling's stable of local home remodeling artisans, who undertake each new home remodeling assignment with passion.

Every day begins with a glance thru a window in your home….thus, this focal point is an important feature of your interior design, and deserves the attention of a licensed general contractor to install the type of window treatment that will benefit you the most. Home remodeling projects involving the exterior of the house may require that you order replacement windows, incorporating a new size, location or style into your redesign floor plan.